Marsha Ambrosius
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::Today’s Song | Marsha Ambrosius “Run”::

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Marsha Ambrosius “Run”

Marsha Ambrosius Runs Shit

Marsha AmbrosiusI love Marsha Ambrosius. She was Floetry to me and I’m pretty certain to all the Floetry fans out there. And Floetry was the lick

Zero shock to the universe, Floetry broke up and it became just Marsha Ambrosius. Unfortunately, the solo route hasn’t brought mainstream success to Ambrosius despite release albums, mixtapes, and singles of her trademark quality. R&B music apparently is only the domain for white men. Marsha Ambrosius lack of a lack of melanin and her level of estrogen hasn’t prevented her from still putting out heart-churning, emotional, soulful music. And that is a good thing.

There’s no point in going on and on, as Marsha’s song does all the emoting it needs for itself. Just enjoy.

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