Eva Green
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::Today’s Actress | Eva Green::

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Eva Green

Eva Green is problematic. She’s an actress. She’s hot. She has some incredible eyes. Definitely has an incredible rack. But she doesn’t look crazy {I’ve mentioned several times my predilection for crazy chicks), she looks mean. And angry. And scary. Look at her. Maybe it’s her eyes. Or maybe it’s the void that seems to encircle her eyes. She always looks like she’s brooding. Not smoldering; smoldering is hot. Brooding is either sad or scary. Eva Green’s brooding is tipped way on the side of scary. Maybe it’s way Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller casted her as Ava in Sin City 2: A Dame To Kill For. Maybe my masochistic tendencies is what makes me the moth drawn to Eva Green’s flame aka those brooding eyes.

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