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::Today’s Music Video | Grimes “Go”::

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Grimes “Go” Ft. Blood Diamond

[intense_row] [intense_column size=”3″][intense_image image=”9857″ size=”small” alt=”Grimes” title=”Grimes “Go” Single Cover” shadow=”1″ border_radius=”5px”][/intense_column] [intense_column size=”9″]Any song that was written for Rihanna has to be the shit. Rihanna only makes hits and if she passes on a record, either it means it wasn’t a hit record, or she reached her maximum level of hit records on one album limit. It has to be the latter, because Grimes’ “Go” is a hit record. And any record that has Blood Orange on it is a great record to me. Period. 

The music video is what I imagine live would be like poppin’ Molly while on mushrooms shooting a Tarsem film. At the end of it, there may be blood, somebody pregnant, articles of clothes missing, and zero recollection of what just happened. Rihanna missed out. [/intense_row]

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