Heather Flanagan
All Imagery used courtesy of FHM.

::Helen Flanagan Trying On Bras | Today’s Video::

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FHM Sexy Shorts – Trying on Bras with Helen Flanagan

We all can be honest – no one knew FHM Magazine was still being published. The lad magazine craze died off years ago and I, like you, thought that the worst titled mag of them all – FHM (For Him Magazine) – went the way of the dodo bird and Maxim Magazine{Editor’s Note – Maxim Magazine is still being published although we haven’t seen a print copy in years. Long live Maxim!} To my surprise, FHM still lives. In England. But hey, it’s still around and kicking. And they happened to kick Helen Flanagan our way with this video.

Women need to understand, men LOVE looking at women in lingerie, getting dressed and undressed. It pushes all of our manly buttons. Sexy lingerie. Skin. The undressing. The dressing. Pretty colors. Boobs. The whole she-bang is just awesome. 

Victoria’s Secrets should adopt this style of video for all of their commercials. I have no clue if it will get women to purchase more brassieres, but it would make a ton of men visit their website or YouTube channel or wherever the hell they home the video.

As for as Helen Flanagan goes, let me get to Googling.

As far as FHM goes, keep fighting the good fight!

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What were you aware of, FHM still existing or who Helen Flanagan was? Tell us in the COMMENTS.