L. Shima
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::Today’s Video | L. Shima // Flirt By Donatella McKenzie::

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L. Shima // Flirt By Donatella McKenzie

L. Shima Shimmy Ya

Where do I begin with L. Shima?

I can start with the name. L. Shima. But I have no idea to think about it. Anyone that uses an initial as a first name always gets a side-eye from me. And Shima is way too close to Shiva and I dealt with a girl who’s sister was named Shiva, and it didn’t work out well.

L. Shima is a model and artist. I haven’t seen any of her art, but I have seen her body parts. All of them. In butt-nekid glory, cause L. Shima likes to get naked.

L. Shima also likes to talk. In fact, she created a video series, I think called 10 Days of Shima. I’m not sure, because there are six videos on her Daily Motion page, and the average total running times are a lot longer than music videos, and I have a hard enough time watching three-and-a-half minutes of those, so the idea of watching a hot chick do a series of Q & As is asking way too much from me. I would say the world, but I can’t be that presumptuous. One strategy is to watch the videos on mute and imagine she is saying stuff to you like, “Do you want to see me naked? Do you like seeing me naked? I’m going to get naked now. Is that okay with you?” When you tackle the videos that way, they are WAY more enjoyable. 

If you aren’t curious as to what random folk have to ask of L. Shima, you can just watch this video by Donatella (word?) McKenzie. If you’re curious as to what is the purpose or context of the video, by all means go to Donatella McKenzie’s website… especially since I haven’t. I fucking terrible. I’m too busy watching L. Shima tease me. And since she doesn’t speak in this video, she’s teasing me with her eyes and telling me things that have to do with her stoping teasing me and just getting naked.


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