Lacey Banghard
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Lacey Banghard

How Do I Love Thee, Lacey Banghard

Lacey Banghard. How do I lust/like/love thee? Let me count the ways.

[intense_icon_list] [intense_icon_list_item source=”entypo” type=”arrow-right3″ size=”1″ color=”primary”]Her name is Lacey Banghard. Imagine the type of teasing Lacey Banghard received as a child. Or as a teenager. Or as a young woman. Or as a glamour model My goodness. [/intense_icon_list_item]

[intense_icon_list_item source=”entypo” type=”arrow-right3″ size=”1″ color=”primary”]She replies back on Twitter. More specifically, she replied back to me on Twitter with an old Twitter account I used to have. I respect, appreciate, and admire any woman smart enough to reply back to my unique brand of humor, wit, and insight in the real of 140 characters a tweet. [/intense_icon_list_item]

[intense_icon_list_item source=”entypo” type=”arrow-right3″ size=”1″ color=”primary”]Lacey Banghard modeled for NUTS magazine. And you know how I feel about NUTS magazine. [/intense_icon_list_item]

[intense_icon_list_item source=”entypo” type=”arrow-right3″ size=”1″ color=”primary”]Lacey Banghard loves the animals. She appeared in an ad for PETA for pet something or another. Sorry. Too busy looking at the photos of Lacey to pay much attention to the message. I’m sure it’s incredibly relevant and super-positive. Plus PETA can be batshit crazy about things. [/intense_icon_list_item]

[intense_icon_list_item source=”entypo” type=”arrow-right3″ size=”1″ color=”primary”]Lacey Banghard was a Page 3 model for British tabloid The Sun. A girl needs to accomplish something in this life to prove her value. Page 3 works for me.[/intense_icon_list_item] [/intense_icon_list]

Here’s something I’m conflicted about. Lacey Banghard appears to be giving up the world of glamour to focus on her entrepreneurial efforts in the world of skin care. Seeing how many people are walking around with bad skin, I understand the need and applaud her efforts, but on a purely selfish level, I’m sure I speak for many a man out there – I Hate Lacey Banghard. Not really… kinda sorta

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Soft-stalk Lacey Banghard…

[intense_row] [intense_column size=”3″] [/intense_column] [intense_column size=”6″] [intense_person template=”left” image=”10945″ imageshadow=”7″ border_radius=”10″ size=”square150″ name=”Lacey Banghard” title=”Miss Banghard” social_target=”_blank” social_size=”30″] [intense_person_custom_social title=”Official Twitter” link=”” image=”8934″][/intense_person_custom_social] [intense_person_custom_social title=”Official Instagram” link=”” image=”8928″][/intense_person_custom_social] Random Facts
Middle name is Shameela
Her father is Asian Indian. Her mother is white British.
Is 5′ 2″ (no clue what that is in the metric system)
Wants to adopt a Black baby before she dies. (don’t question me how I know this, I just do) And a pitbull puppy too!
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