Cara Brett & Hannah Elizabeth

The Battle At Kings Cross Featuring v. Cara Brett and Hannah Elizabeth, Part IV

Editor’s Note: and The Super-Id communicate damn near every day. 95% of the time it’s via text. When we got the text that he was across the pond in London and was about to shoot Hannah Elizabeth and Cara Brett, it took us some time to respond back. There weren’t enough emojis to accurately display our shock, pride, happiness, jealousy, and pure, unmitigated hate. Maybe there were, but we couldn’t be bothered at the time. We wanted, we needed details. Those details were sparse, but upon their return stateside, we saw the evidence of what will forever be known as The Battle At Kings Cross. Cara Brett and Hannah Elizabeth pitted against in a London hotel room. Two countries, two models, two websites will never be the same again.

This is Part IV of a five part series brought to you vivaciousness of Cara Brett, the sultriness of Hannah Elizabeth, overseer of chaos theory,, and the big head & little head known as The Super-Id.

What more can I say about this shoot? From Hannah Elizabeth insisting that we get the perfect video of her twerking, to Cara Brett choking Hannah, to documenting the shower process of Hannah, to an impromptu photo shoot where Cara took some amazing pictures of Hannah, to them both rolling around in English pounds sterling on the bed, to them wrestling on the couch and later the floor, to actually filming a great video of a Cara vs. Hannah booty bouncing contest… It was insane!  It was one of the wildest and most unexpected adventures we’ve ever been on. Hannah was in the building, so shit was sexy. Cara Brett was there, so shit was sexy and shit got broken, which is custom at this point. The hotel room was trashed and there were more than a few baby oil and brown liquor stains on the carpet that we had to talk our way out of with the cleaning staff and hotel management. All in all, it was awesome and we’d love to do it again but just not soon because we are still recovering from this one!

“It was INSANE! It was one of the wildest and most unexpected adventures we’ve ever been on. Hannah was in the building so shit was sexy, Cara Brett was there so shit was sexy and shit got broken.”



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Tune in tomorrow for The Battle At Kings Cross, Part V, starring Cara Brett and Hannah Elizabeth and video evidence!

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