Cara Brett & Hannah Elizabeth

The Battle At Kings Cross Featuring v. Cara Brett and Hannah Elizabeth, Part V

Editor’s Note: and The Super-Id communicate damn near every day. 95% of the time it’s via text. When we got the text that he was across the pond in London and was about to shoot Hannah Elizabeth and Cara Brett, it took us some time to respond back. There weren’t enough emojis to accurately display our shock, pride, happiness, jealousy, and pure, unmitigated hate. Maybe there were, but we couldn’t be bothered at the time. We wanted, we needed details. Those details were sparse, but upon their return stateside, we saw the evidence of what will forever be known as The Battle At Kings Cross. Cara Brett and Hannah Elizabeth pitted against in a London hotel room. Two countries, two models, two websites will never be the same again.

This is Part V of a five part series brought to you vivaciousness of Cara Brett, the sultriness of Hannah Elizabeth, overseer of chaos theory,, and the big head & little head known as The Super-Id.

Editor’s Note #2: What a week. Not sure how many websites out there bring you a full week of heat like this. When Angrymoon came back from London and shared the Cara Brett and Hannah Elizabeth and The Battle At Kings Cross content, we knew we had to do something special, something different – fuck the one post with a gallery of five images. We wanted to go hard and tell the story of The Battle At Kings Cross and give these British birds the proper respect they so deserve. Alas, the battle has come to an end and we wanted to give you the viewers something you want, something you need, as well as salute these two dynamite bombshells the only way we know how – with some videos! Signing off The Battle At Kings Cross with some quotes from Cara Brett and Hannah Elizabeth themselves.

“I came across on Instagram and fell in love with his work. So cool.

Hannah Elizabeth

“The day of shooting was crazy! We met in a cool hotel suite at Kings Cross and before we even started discussing outfits we were drinking and partying. Then Cara joined us and it got even more crazy!”

Hannah Elizabeth

“I wasn’t meant to be there [Kings Cross]. I gate crashed! I turned up… raided the mini-bar and got shit-faced! Got Angrymoon and Hannah fucked up too… and then I left!”

Cara Brett

“By the way, can you say that I’m Angrymoon’s British wife in there somewhere? It’s so funny. Made me giggle a lot!”

Cara Brett


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