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EDITOR’S NOTE: The Super-Id saves space for Angrymoon to pontificate as only as Angrymoon can about the girls and the madness that ensued with the shoot, but this time around we’re doing things differently; allow The Super-Id to pontificate on our brand partner for a minute.Society throws superlatives around way too freely these days. Everyone and everything is the bestest or the mostest, or the uber-, or genius. That shit means nothing now. We’ve bastardized greatness. It’s made us jaded and cynical and unappreciative of what we have in front of us. Because of that, The Super-Id doesn’t want you to take for granted what is bringing to you. Angrymoon is pure madness. They can be draining. They can make you stop and wonder what the fuck they are doing in the middle of a shoot. They can make you seem like a lame, even though you aren’t a lame, but next to them, you are most definitely a lame. After many, many shoots and plenty of time spent with them, we’ve learned to have no expectations besides some really fly shit. The madness. The chaos. All of it is part of the Angrymoon experience and at the end of that experience is heat – that’s why they have girls sliding up in their DMs asking to shoot with them. That’s why Fuck Boys are jacking their images, their video and reposting it without any sort of accreditation. That’s why The Super-Id rocks with  
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We won’t say that is the greatest, the baddest, or the hottest, but Angrymoon is the most Angrymoon thing they can be and that is more than most and definitely some shit you need in your life. And the crazy thing is that they’ve just given you a taste. Stay tuned.
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