Aisha Thalia
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Aisha Thalia

Each One, Teach One About Aisha Thalia

The good folk at Super-Id would like to think that we are above and beyond the #thirsttrap on Instagram. How many selfies, leg shots on the beach, and “I woke up like this” posts can a man salivate over before one simply becomes jaded and stops giving a fuck. And frankly, the Internets is a the home of schadenfreude where cynicism is cultivated like flowers, so the feelings are understandable, if not justified. You feel us? Now feel this – Aisha Thalia is a Instagram must follow. Trust us on this one.

Pretty girls on Instagram try to be more than just pretty girls on Instagram; they post quotes and motivational messages and all other sorts of nonsense, when most of their followers simply want Tits or GTFO. In some magical way, Aisha Thalia has managed to find a conduit through the Instagram API and come off as sincere and warm, instead of self-referential and didactic. You scroll through her feed and you see pictures of her and her hotness and her big ass natural, curly hair and bikinis, but it’s juxtaposed to positivity manifested in reposts, letters from her to the world, or empowering Tweets. It’s odd. How is she not preachy? How come you actually read her Instagram posts… shit, you actually double-tap them bitches too! 

Somehow, someway, Aisha Thalia has risen above the Instagram flotsam. Most Instagram models are good for serving you a bottle, twerking, or being the object of your fantasies, real or imaginary; while Aisha Thalia‘s feed makes you want to experience her IRL with the knowledge that she is what she posts – a sexy chick with a mind as beautiful as her physical form whose attire only consists of bikinis and swimsuits [No complaints], is a vegan [As a vegetarian myself, once again, no complaints], and is a free spirt with a Masters in Education. What else could you ask for in your life? Thank you, God!

How about the fact that her post messages are actually entertaining? Granted, you look at the feed for her pics, but take the time to read the stuff she’s saying and get ensnared deeper into the natural frizz of her Aisha Thalia. Relax, it looks like a very comfortable place to be.


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